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Zuchtwert / Fruchtbarkeit

The reproduction ratio of an animal is depends on its genetics.

Some years ago a sheep farmer wrote in Germany in a journal the following sentence:
Is a buck a single birth, then he is dog food. Buys only rams that are born as a twin or triplet. This property is inherited by the offspring!

But for many breeders is the exhibition success of her young animals the most important thing and the rate of reproduction and the cost will be ignored.
Therefore prefer these breeder animals that are born as single.

In the German pedigree certificates in the name, for example you could finds the following entry: H-Bosco Dr.
This means: H = horned; E = single, Zw = twin, Dr = triplet, Vi = quadruplet etc.
The animal's name is Bosco. He had horns and was born as triplet.

On the German pedigree certificates are always an indication of breeding performance (ZL) of the females.
This could be expressed as the average of the lambs per lambing.
Example: 1.7 +/- xx.
+ / - xx is the deviation from the national average.

Another form is the indication of fertility.
Example: Fk 2,6 - 2 - 4
This means that this goat got up to the age of 2.6 years 2 times lambs. A total of 4 lambs.

The number of lambs born per lambing in our herd is every year over two.
We had stayed one year with three.